Lore Night


Every Monday night, we meet at Jitter's in Eagle River for 2 hours to read Norse Mythology from the Poetic Edda and discuss what we read, and if we choose to, share related stories. The first hour, we go through the Havamal, and then pick up where we left off throughout the rest of the book. Feel free to join us, even if you don't wish to be a part of the discussion. We have plenty of extra translations of the same book, and you're free to bring other copies. Here are the books that are available every Monday.

Rune Classes

The third Thursday of every month, we discuss two runes and spend 2 hours talking about their meanings, how to interpret them in a reading of 3s; the past, present and future. We'll also discuss their magical possibilities and learn ways to strength our bond with the runes and our ancestors.

If you would like to keep up with our meetings and events, sign-in to your google calendars and add us to it! Or bookmark this link to the calendar! Sometimes the members of Alaska Heathenry will randomly post little meetups..so join our Facebook group and check it out!

Please email us with any comments, suggestions and questions. Thank you for your patience.