Our purpose is to be a center "hub" for heathens to find other like-minded heathens. We are open to anyone in Alaska who is interested in heathenry, Forn Sedr, Asatru, Vanatru, Odinism, Lokean, and/or Norse/Germanic/Scandinavian lore. Alaska Heathenry will provide 2 major events; Midsummer and Yule/J?. There will also be meetups and project opportunities all throughout the year. We usually tend to be more active in Winters and you are welcome to any of the events. We are open to mixed raced families, so if you're "folkish".. you'll need to read over this page. You are still welcome to feast, however, and if we can't get along based on racial views then either take it outside or the offending person (or both!) will be politely asked to leave. This is a place of learning with a purpose of meeting like-minded folks. People come and go always. You are free to do so as long as it is with frith. If you feel like starting your own kindred, feel free. You're still welcome to come to our meetups and community feasts. If you're already a part of an organization or kindred, you're expected to be here as an individual and responsible for your words/actions. We will not tolerate any trouble.

We do not dictate who the Gods and the ancestors call, and we only "practice" heathenry here.

In the future, many of us would like to have a place to build to connect to the Gods, ancestors and landwights. A real Longhouse will be built where we can gather, eat and be merry. There will also be a community garden with a huge workshop to can foods, process goods to last us through winters and work together towards common goals. We currently have over 250+ members in Alaska Heathenry, it will keep growing and we will definitely flourish. We may not be the only ones building longhouses in Alaska, but we truly believe.. more is merrier. Many of us have heeded the call of the gods to join together and we will protect our own in the future times of need. Those of us that share this dream can now work together making this path stronger and more magickal for all of us. Does this sound like something you're interested in? Join our FB group and meet up with us..there is a lot happening in 2019.

Hail all of the Gods and our Ancestors!