If you're folkish.. it's completely okay.

We just need to lay out a few things about Alaska Heathenry before we continue.

Dictionary's definition:

adjective: folkish;
adjective: folk-ish

characteristic of ordinary people or traditional culture.
"folkish humor"
relating to or like folk music or folk singers.
"the most conventionally folkish number on the album"

Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA)'s definition:

"If the Ethnic European Folk cease to exist Asatru would likewise no longer exist. Let us be clear: by Ethnic European Folk we mean white people. It is our collective will that we not only survive, but thrive, and continue our evolution in the direction of the Infinite. All native religions spring from the unique collective soul of a particular race. Religions are not arbitrary or accidental; body, mind and spirit are all shaped by the evolutionary history of the group and are thus interrelated. Asatru is not just what we believe, it is what we are. Therefore, the survival and welfare of the Ethnic European Folk as a cultural and biological group is a religious imperative for the AFA."
Taken from the AFA Website.

The words Asatru/Asatruar or Heathen does not mean you are racist, or folkish.

The difference between Alaska Heathenry and other heathen/asatru options is that there is no pressure here. We treat you like individuals (no matter what organization you're in) and if you have an interest or your heart leans in the northern way..we welcome you with open arms. We can guide you to the right group and/or provide meetups so you can meet other heathens. We only ask that if you're "folkish", and you attend to our functions, that you treat everyone with frith. Most "folkish" heathens would not tend to stick around for blots if there are other skin colors other than white present. We are a group that is open to mixed blood families as long as they are heathens and understand we only worship heathenry here.

I encourage everyone to practice frith, and think of how much stronger the tribe would be with a community at it's back to help defend the life you've worked hard for? This Alaska Heathenry group serves as a hub for people to find one another. We will provide community feasts and functions every heathen, asatruar, and vanatruar is welcome to.

But if you're soo "folkish" that you're actually considered to be Nazitru (or even close). You are not welcome. If you are interested in shedding that perspective, that is a different story.

There is nothing wrong with being folkish. Every heathen is. We just have lines drawn here to help protect families and minimize racial disagreements. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope to see you at one of our events!