Welcome to our online gathering place where Asatruars and Heathens meet and greet. We started on Facebook in August 2014 because we needed a way to find each other and now we have 250+ group members statewide. We invite heathens far and wide to come out of the woodworks to find kinfolk to feast with during the high and low peaks of the year. Come join our efforts in building a heathen community and benefit from the combined efforts of like-minded people because we can accomplish a lot together if we work hard enough. Are you being called home?

Want to meet other heathens? Alaska Heathenry offers a lot of opportunities to meetup up with other heathens. We usually have something going on between rune classes, study groups, get-togethers and even workshops. Are you interested in starting your own? Feel free to link it into our FB group for others to see! We are also looking for someone to help out managing the group! Check out the Events page and look for the event on the Google Calendar. If you have any suggestions or want to participate more with us, feel free to contact us or join our Alaska Heathenry Facebook group. There will be members on there posting random posts and meetups, and you're free to post one as well. Come join us!!

Are you new to Heathenry? Here is an explanation here.

There's been a growing number of heathens in Alaska and sometimes we mark our territories. Haha. Check this link out and see all of the cool viking/norse/heathen stuff we see around our state. Please leave future marks responsibly as we don't encourage defacing nature or disrespecting the landwights. Thank you!

If you're folkish, you'll need to read this page.

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